Beginners Battles - Fear of the First Guitar - Acoustics

Beginners Battles - Fear of the First Guitar - Acoustics

Scared of buying your first guitar? Getting it Wrong? Overwhelmed with Information?

Don't worry we're here to help with our top tips for choosing a beginners first guitar.

You are right to be feeling a little apprehensive, I think we all are when faced with the overwhelming amount of choices, information and reviews we have to wade through, only to come out the other side feeling none the wiser.

A trip to the local music store can also be more than a little intimidating to most of us beginners. You walk in greeted (or not) by the super cool looking dude behind the counter - the fear sets in. You are faced with a wall full of musical instruments and no idea where to begin looking or having to admit that you don't know your fret from your little finger!

However, lets cut through the jargon and build some basic knowledge that will help guide your decision…

There are a few things to consider when buying your first guitar;

What style of music do you love? Do you want to strum like Sheeran or shred like Slash?

You are much more likely to become a lifetime player if you learn to play the music you are inspired by.

So, you’ve decided you would like to play the acoustic guitar. There are basically 2 types to choose from.

Classical (aka Spanish Acoustic) or Steel String Acoustic Guitars.

Let's start with the Classical/Spanish Acoustic Guitar...

The main advantages of the classical guitar for the beginner are:

Nylon Strings: Soft on the hands and easy to play.

Wider neck: So you can play chords with less chance of muting adjacent strings.

The disadvantages of the classical guitar are:

Although this appears a good choice for the beginner guitarist it is a short term option. Before long, you will likely want to trade it in for a steel string acoustic as your learning progresses.

The wider neck may also make it harder for you to reach some chords.

Steel String Acoustic Guitars

If you decide to go all in and committed to learning, we would suggest that you opt for a steel string acoustic guitar. Just prepare to have slightly sore fingers as the strings are a little harder than the nylon classical guitar strings - but don’t worry this only lasts for a few weeks.

Advantages of Steel String Acoustic Guitars

Practicing on a narrower neck will make you progress your learning faster as you will be much more aware of where to place your fingers and will make the transition to learning the electric guitar much smoother should you choose to do so in the future.

Body Type

The next thing to consider is the body of the guitar (this is the bit responsible for the sound of the guitar).

There are several factors that affect the type of sound produced from an acoustic guitar. The first is size; the bigger the body, the louder and more bassy it will sound. Smaller bodied guitars are quieter but the sound can be more balanced and they can also be much more comfortable to handle for a beginner.

The second consideration is the wood and construction of the body of the guitar.

Solid wood top guitars are made from a single piece of wood for the top and create more resonance and vibration for a crisp, clear sound. These are often a little more expensive than the entry level guitars but well worth the extra investment as a beginner if you can afford it.

Our recommendations for Beginners:

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