SATS STRESS! How Music Can Help Our Children

SATS STRESS! How Music Can Help Our Children

The SATS week is looming and as parents ourselves, we know that for some children, this can bring with it feelings of heightened anxiety and stress. 

Use the Power of Music

Music can be calming, de-stressing, healing and relaxing. Playing a musical instrument provides a safe outlet for children to release their emotional creativity and learning to play the guitar as a child can have cognitive benefits too.

Here are just 5 Reasons why learning to play the guitar can benefit children:

Improves Memory

Learning to play the guitar is like a total work-out for the brain and helps children to store and retrieve memories more effectively.

Hand-Eye Co-ordination

Reading music requires the brain to process information at greater speeds to translate this into the physical movement of playing the guitar. This has been proven to help improve hand-eye coordination.

Helps Maths Skills

In addition to appealing to children’s creativity, it appears that music and maths also go hand in hand. By understanding rhythm, beat, and chords, children are developing ways to recognise patterns that help them better understand areas of maths.

Improves Self-Esteem

It’s easy to set small goals when learning to play the guitar, which when accomplished, can give a child a great sense of achievement. Performing their music in front of you at home, friends, grandparents or in school concerts takes a certain level of confidence which they will take through to many other areas of their life.

So, to all our young learners out there…. YOU ROCK! Good luck, don’t worry and enjoy a treat when its all over!