Fender Deluxe 112 Electric Guitar Amplifier

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Fender Deluxe 112 Electric Guitar Amplifier 90's Made in USA Solid State Deluxe 112 Guitar Amplifier

It's a solid state, 65 watt, 1x12" speaker, workhorse. This amp will please even the most discriminating tube lover musician. This amp has the warmth and clarity of the most expensive Fender tube amps. It idles super-quietly. At idle you wouldn't even know it was on if not for the indicator light. It's perfect for the studio. It'll get you from sweet Deluxe Reverb to Twin Reverb clarity territory . At 65 watts, it's more than powerful for most gigs. Fender really did a superb job in designing these amps. They are solidly built and made to last. This a wonderful example of old school technology where tone, function and reliability all came to meet at the same place and time.