Stretton Payne Strat Electric Guitar Basswood Body Rosewood Neck White Scratch Plate VINTAGE Pickups Whammy Bar, Full Package. Guitar in Blue

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Basswood Body Rosewood Neck White Scratch Plate VINTAGE Pickups

Our new Stretton Payne Stratocaster electric guitars come in a range of colour and fretboard options. We have created this range as a superior choice for the beginner and intimidate guitarist with all the quality and setup of a much more expensive guitar.

These Strats are the best available at this price and come fully setup by our Stretton Payne professionals. The Stratocasters vintage 60s style has been the most popular shape of guitar for the last 50 years and played by all the great guitarists including Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Rory Gallagher, Mark Knopfler, Bob Dylan. The Stratocaster is a versatile guitar, usable for all styles of music, including country, rock, pop, soul, rhythm and blues, blues, jazz, punk, and heavy metal.

The weight of the guitar is beautifully balanced with a hard tone wood body and 1 piece maple neck. The guitar has the traditional 3 single coil pickups with cut glass precision output and a 5-way selector switch swapping between the pickups. The guitar tremolo system means you can use the whammy bar for string bending vibrato.

There are controls for the volume and tone of the guitar but the important thing to is the setup we give them to play perfect straight from the box. The neck can be fully adjusted with a two-way truss rod making the action easy to set. The string height and intonation are all fully adjustable with the screws on the bridge.

Lots of classic styling makes this guitar an essential for all players. Full Stretton Payne warranty covered you for any manufacturing errors. When you buy this guitar you have access to our full support and you can contact Stretton Payne any time for advice or just to chat guitar.

This Stretton Payne Strat electric guitar is fully tuned and set-up ready to play by us in Hinckley UK directly before we send it out.
Stretton Payne Strat Electric Guitar Basswood Body Rosewood Neck White Scratch Plate VINTAGE Pickups Whammy Bar, Full Package. Guitar in Blue

Product Reviews

Written by Martin Bancroft on Thu Apr 2018

Stretton Payne Strat Style Guitar and amp package

Nice Sounding Instrument, a great package for Begginers and semi pro players

Written by C. P. Dyckes on Thu Apr 2018

Very Highly Recommended Starter Rig

I'm a total novice and this looked the ideal way of seeing if I could learn to play guitar without spending £1500 plus on a genuine Fender Strat. (which I will buy if I can play at least reasonably well, though I have no illusions of being another David Gilmour or Steve Vie, especially at my age :) ) . The guitar is extremely well made, and the tone is nothing short of amazing and sounds great even through the amp included. Intonation is spot on, and I only had to adjust tuning and string height to get the best feel for my beginners fingers.I added internal shielding which has completely eliminated hum pickup and "Gilmour neck pickup switch" as cheap upgrades seen on the ‘net. Very highly recommended as a starter kit!

Written by Sarah on Thu Mar 2018

Price & Sound Great!

Great price for this product, sound really good too

Written by Elizabeth Lloyd on Fri Mar 2018

great as it has all he needs

My son is learning the guitar, he loves it! great as it has all he needs.

Written by LD on Fri Feb 2018

Looks great. Excellent Buy For Beginners

My son loves this. Looks great, excellent buy for beginners.

Written by J. G. E. Flint on Sat Jan 2018

Good beginner / intermediate electric guitar combo

his guitar combo arrived in Greece within 6 days! The packaging was intact. This alone was brilliant.I bought the package to upgrade from an Fender acoustic guitar that I had taught my self to play. I didn't expect too much as the price was excellent. Boy, was I wrong. The guitar is beautifully made, heavy and substantial.

Written by Nell on Sat Dec 2017

First Class Item

Great package , grandson is delighted with it

Written by Clare on Tue Dec 2017

Superb Electric Guitar

Fast delivery, was a bit wary of buying without trying but what an exceptional guitar! quality sound. I am very happy with this purchase

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