For Dad's Who Rock! Father's Day Gift Ideas From £4.99

For Dad's Who Rock! Father's Day Gift Ideas From £4.99

Father's Day is just around the corner and so we've put together our Father's Day edit for those guitar loving Dads. They may already play or dream to learn, so find a unique gift to show how much Dad means to you!

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Acoustic Guitar Package - Stretton Payne D1  £79.99

This is a great gift for Dads who may be picking up a guitar for the first time or those who used to play and would love to take it up again. 

The best selling D1 is a fantastic steel string guitar with quality and sound performance the trademark of its design. The package comes with everything they need including guitar bag, strap, digital tuner, spare strings, picks and 6 months free online lessons. 

There are 7 different colours to choose from and even an option for left-handed Dads!


Stretton Payne D1 Acoustic Guitar Package in Black

Travel Acoustic Guitar - Stretton Payne F1  £89.99

This is a great gift for Dad as a second guitar to travel about with him or to learn on. 

The F1 has been designed with durability and portability in mind without compromise on sound quality or playability. The smaller body makes it easy to carry around and the full scale neck means that it plays like a full size guitar.

The F1 comes in 3 great colours and will be a great addition to Dad's collection.

Stretton Payne F1 Travel Acoustic Guitar

Hot Ukulele! From £19.99

Ukulele's are the hottest trending instrument right now and so make an ideal gift for those who are Daddy Cool!

Our Stretton Payne Ukuleles start from just £19.99 in a range of great colours. 

Stretton Payne Ukulele

Electric Guitar Effects Pedal £19.99

Ideal for those creative electric guitar playing Dads! Help them take their playing to the next level with an electric guitar effects pedal.

Electric Guitar effects pedal

Capos £5.99

Ideal for Dads who love to play - A capo is a must-have accessory to expand your sound and can also help with practice - an essential piece of the guitar players kit.

Fender Thumb Pick - Pack of 2 £4.99

Iconic Fender thumb picks in a pack of 2 make a great gift for guitar loving Dads.

Fender thumb picks