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Join over 40,000 other people all learning together through Rockstar Academy's Online Music School. Our online music courses are designed to make learning from the comfort of your own home fun and easy. There are courses for anyone, at any skill level, on a huge range of instruments. Plus you can also learn vocals!

 Whether you are a first time player, a parent encouraging a child to play or a practiced musician, be inspired and join us at Rock Star Academy.


Many of our instrument packages come complete with 6 months free online lessons, providing everything you need to start your musical journey today.


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Fingerstyle Fun 

By Dan Thorpe


Dan Thorpe’s brand new and eagerly awaited fingerstyle book will teach you how to have fun, freedom and liberation on the guitar. In the book, you will learn how to pick up the guitar any place, any time and play fingerstyle with complete confidence. 

If you love to fingerpick or want to learn but have no idea how to play it, then this book will give you the tools to be truly confident in this beautiful style of music. 

Many guitarists work hard and struggle with their guitar playing. They have successes but they are not as often as they would like.

It can be a hard slog but it doesn`t have to be.

Having endless fun on the guitar doesn’t have to be something you have to wait years for – you can have fun on the guitar RIGHT now!!!